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Banana Berry Burst

Sure to burst your expectations! Skim milk, fat-free frozen yogurt, banana, blueberry OR strawberry and a touch of honey.


Crazy Cranberry

A crazy combo of cranberry, raspberry, strawberry and blueberry.


Fruit Flirtation

A playful blend of strawberry, banana, raspberry and orange.


Fruit Kiss

The unforgettable kiss of watermelon, strawberry, orange, banana and fat-free frozen yogurt.

Love Potion #9

A romantic prescription of watermelon, raspberry, blackberry and strawberry.


Strawberry Blast

An explosion of fruit flavor: strawberry, apple, banana and fat-free frozen yogurt.


Watermelon Wave

Catch the wave! Watermelon, raspberry, strawberry and banana!​


Wild Banana

Unleash your wild side. A blend of banana, raspberry, blackberry, orange and fat-free frozen yogurt.

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