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Inta Juice Franchising

Inta Juice Franchising

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After you have read throught the FAQs and estimated initial investment table below, click here to submit an application.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Why Inta Juice?

A.  We have the passion and drive for delivering the best smoothies, bowls, and fresh juice products.  We value the quality of the products we serve; we value the communities we serve.  We have very high standards for the fruits we use, the juices we use, and we don’t use added fillers or syrups to make our smoothies taste great.  They are GREAT.   Excellence is what sets us apart from others, so we are always able to deliver the BEST smoothies, bowls, and juice products.


Q. What is the Franchise Fee?

A.  $25,000.


Q. What is the overall investment range for an Inta Juice Franchise?

A.  Currently an average of $163,100 - $373,500.


Q.  Is the Franchise Fee included in the overall investment?

A.  Yes.


Q.  What is the royalty structure?

A.  Royalties are paid accordingly, as outlined in our FDD:

  • 3% of Gross Sales for the first year of operation

  • 4% of Gross Sales for the second year of operation

  • 5% of Gross Sales for third and all subsequent years of operation

Q.  How long does it take to open an Inta Juice store?

A.  On average, it takes 6-12 months from signing of the lease until the store opens.  This time frame will vary based on location.

Q.  Will Inta Juice assist me with site selection?

A.  We will provide you with advice in identifying a suitable location; ultimate responsibility in choosing, obtaining, and developing the site is yours.  We do not guarantee the suitability or success of the accepted site.  Please see the FDD for complete details.   


Q.  When I open an Inta Juice, do I have rights to a certain area?

A.  The territory will be based on a combination of factors. The standard Territory will include an area encompassing a minimum population of 10,000 individuals. We will not grant you this right if your premises is located in a metropolitan area (areas in which the population during any 24 hours exceeds fifty thousand persons per square mile). Please see the FDD for complete details.


Q.  Are multiple franchise and area developer rights available?

A.  Yes; please contact us for more information.

Q.  What type of training does Inta Juice offer?

A.  Inta Juice will provide a full week of training, including classroom training and on-the-floor training.  (Franchisee is responsible for travel expense.)  We also offer ongoing franchise support. 


Q.  What is the best way to further research Inta Juice Franchising opportunity?

A.  We provide a copy of Inta Juice Franchise Disclosure Document to all our qualified candidates.  This will provide a comprehensive overview of crucial information.


Q.  What is the next step in the process for me to know if I am a qualifying candidate?

A.  To be considered, our Franchise Candidate will preferably commit to spending 100% of your time in the day to day operation of your store to start.  We also ask you to fill out the website application.  A Franchise Sales Team member will reach out to you and get you started.   Be prepared to work really hard and put in a lot of time.  It’s a total commitment to your business, so make sure this is really what you want to do.  It can be challenging but incredibly rewarding.

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