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Power Up


The Brazilian açaí fruit is blended with strawberry, banana, raspberry and soy milk to boost you through the day.


Amazonic Energy

Organic energy from the heart of the Amazon. Enjoy the Amazon Energy Drink with fat-free frozen yogurt, strawberry and blueberry.


Chocolate Monkey

Cashew milk, whey protein, peanut butter, banana and chocolate.


Dragon Spell

Pomegranante, raspberry, pitaya, strawberries and blueberries.

Dragon Wizard (Non-dairy)

Pomegranante, raspberry, blackberries, pitaya and honey.


Green Dragon (Non-dairy)

Almond milk, banana, spinach, pitaya, blueberries and honey.

Intense Blueberry

Blueberry Red Bull, banana, pineapple sherbet and  blueberries.

Intense Cranberry

Cranberry Red Bull, raspberry sherbet, strawberries and blueberries.

Intense Energy

If Red Bull gives you wings, this smoothie makes you fly! Red bull, raspberry, orange, strawberry and banana.(Available in sugar free)


Intense Tropical

Tropical Red Bull, fat-free frozen yogurt, pineapple, banana and coconut.

Omega Fuel (Non-Dairy)

Kick start your day with açaí, guarana, apple, strawberry, and banana with a touch of honey...dairy free.


Power Immunity

2,000 mg of Vitamin C! Fresh-squeezed orange juice, raspberry, mango and echinacea.


Power Protein

40 grams of protein boost! Work out to this raspberry, strawberry, peach, banana and whey protein smoothie!


The Pom

Loaded with antioxidants, the power of pomegranate, with fat-free frozen yogurt, raspberry, strawberry and blueberry.

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