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Citrus Cyclone

The forecast calls for a whirlwind of flavor-lemon, orange, strawberry and mango.


Lime You're Mine

Lime lovers rejoice! A tangy, sweet combination of lime, raspberry and strawberry.


Luscious Lemon

A refreshing blend of lemon, lime, raspberry, blueberry and strawberry.


Orange Crush

Our rendition of the orange creamsicle! A mixture of fresh-squeezed orange juice, fat-free frozen yogurt and orange sherbet.


Lemonade never tasted THIS good on a hot summer day! Lemonade, raspberry and strawberry.


Strawberry Splash

The taste is smooth and fruity! A combo of fresh-squeezed orange juice, strawberry, banana and fat-free frozen yogurt.


Sunshine Passion

This refreshing blend of passion fruit, peach, orange and strawberry is beaming with sunshine.

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